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Party-girl Nora drinks too much, can't hold down a job and pushes away everyone she loves. After her long-suffering boyfriend throws her out, Nora is forced to move back home with her aging father. Once inside her childhood home, the ghosts of her past begin to haunt her until the secret she has buried for so long is finally revealed.

Solitary is helmed by American director Sasha Krane, nephew of legendary acting teacher Lee Strasberg. The film was executive produced by Roger Taylor of British rock band Queen, who also composed an original score for the film.

Starring Katharine McEwan, Sarina Taylor, Kevin McGowan, Michael Wildman and Anna Skellern.



"Solitary is [presented] flawlessly through its unique screenplay and the remarkable actors and actresses that bring it to life."
Julia Stembridge, The Cavalier Daily

"There was so much truth, so much anguish and hope between the lines...I ached with Nora as she struggled through her ugly journey."
Karen Ocamb, award-winning journalist, Frontiers Media, Sirius XM Radio Inc., CBS News

"An unflinchingly honest look at a family torn apart by secrets…provocative storytelling that's more relevant than ever…" 
Bobby Moresco, Oscar-winning writer of Crash, Million Dollar Baby