Conformity is something that Katharine McEwan has tried to avoid her whole life. Ask her what she looks for in a character and the word "rebellious" is bound to come up. The British actress is drawn to play the sort of woman who fights to explore a more authentic, more fulfilling life, and who embodies the pioneering spirit.

Katharine was born in Redcar, Cleveland - a small steel town in the North of England. One of six daughters, Katharine spent her early years being home-schooled by her parents and acting in local productions. Her freedom came to an abrupt end at age eleven when she was sent to Catholic school, where she languished for five long years. Wholly uninspired by traditional education, Katharine decided to forgo university and seek overseas adventure instead.

Her journey took her through Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australia. Arriving in Los Angeles with a renewed passion and an even greater desire to study her craft, she enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Upon graduating, Katharine started working in theatre and independent film, but soon realized that creating her own material would give her the opportunity to play the dynamic, fiery women she most identified with.

After gaining experience producing short films, Katharine wrote, produced and starred in the feature-length drama Solitary released by Electric Entertainment in November 2016. Solitary received seventeen festival awards, including nine Best Feature wins, two Best Screenplay wins and four Best Actress wins / nominations for Katharine. It was the opening night film of both the Chelsea Film Festival in New York and the London Independent Film Festival, where it won Best UK Feature. Most recently, Katharine produced and acted in the short film Swim which won the Audience Award for Best Short at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival.  

Off camera, Katharine is an avid reader of history, with a particular passion for the Tudor era. Other favorite pastimes include hiking with her dog and playing pool. She still dreams about taking another Australian road trip, with only her backpack and sleeping bag for company.

- By Emma Donovan