SWIM (2017)
actress | producer

UPDATE: After having our world premiere at the 2017 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival in March, we had the pleasure of screening at these awesome festivals in April: Wicked Queer (Boston), Ashland Independent Film Festival and Phoenix Film Festival

We're thrilled to announce we're screening at the following festivals in May & June:
Seattle International Film Festival | 5/28 | 6pm | Tickets & Info HERE
Inside Out : Toronto | 6/2 | 6:45pm Tickets & Info HERE
Film Out San Diego | 6/10 | 11am | Tickets and Info HERE
LA Film Festival | 6/15 | 8:40pm | Tickets and Info HERE

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"Lissome and poignant LGBT film that never really makes a demand for acceptance, but merely portrays in subtle pastels the anguish and elusive repletion the young trans girl endures in her journey to freedom..." - The Cinema Files

Written and directed by Mari Walker, Swim explores life's stolen moments and how growing up trans can mean the simplest of pleasures take on a heavier significance.

Starring Gavin Fink, Susan Papa, Roy Abramsohn, Katharine Lee McEwan and Jen Richards.