TRT: 3:45 min.

Clips from Katharine's latest projects


TRT: 2:56 min.

An actor's journey from preparation to performance.

Directed by Sasha Krane. Produced by The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

SOLITARY - Official Trailer


TRT: 1:57 min.

A troubled woman struggles to confront her past and reconnect with her estranged family.

Screenplay by Katharine McEwan. Produced by Sarina Taylor and Katharine McEwan. Directed by Sasha Krane. Winner of 12 Awards, including Best Feature, Best Screenplay & Best Actress.

THE WOMAN WHO SLIPPED - Official Trailer


TRT: 0:52 min.

On the verge of happiness, Naomi must decide to trust in her power to slip between worlds or leave behind the man she loves.

Directed by Kevin Thomas [Los Angeles 48 hour Film Project]

PLUTO - Official Trailer


TRT: 10:38 min. 

PLUTO is an award-winning short film about two sisters, their sick mother, and a tough decision. It packs a punch with heart, humor, and the kind of below-the-belt jabs that only sisters can deliver.

Directed by Heather De Michele

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